Lionel Boots


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The oldest pictures of boots were found in cave paintings in Altamira/Spain and date back to 13.000 to 15.000 B.C. Boots protect the wearers foot and calf from cold and injuries. They were, and still are, essential for outdoor activities or bad weather conditions. Prehistoric hunters, knights, adventurers and pirates - all of them wear boots for good reasons.

The shape of the jackboot, seen here in our "Lionel" offer, developed late from the mounted soldiers boots. The long gaiters, used as a protection for the riders legs, were rolled down consequently and became a fashion thereafter. The "Lionel" jackboots are made from soft synthetic leather. This makes them insensitive to moisture and light rain. You will not have to worry about wet feet and soaked boots. The cuffs are made with battlement cuts, which can be rolled up. Originally made for mounted soldiers, the long cuffs were rolled down and became a fashion statement afterwards.

The boots lining from high grade foam will keep your feet warm even on damp, cold nights. The heavy duty rubber sole with heel provides a good grip and minimuzes slipping on wet ground in baileys and the woods.

The "Lionel" jackboots are not to be mixed up with costume boots, as they are both: made for the use on battlefields, the woods and castle ruins and be good looking at the same time.

Material: synthetic leather, synthetics 
Size: European 45
Colour: brown